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locker rental application

we're excited you're interested in learning more about our locker rental program. below are the highlights along with an application.

  • all locker owners must be over 21 with a valid state or federal ID, and must show proof of age whenever asked by any employee or representative of the company  

  • all locker rentals require an initial $50 purchase of your locker ID card & bottle marker. 

  • the purchase price of a bottle includes all mixers for drinks made with that bottle--for drinks including other types of alcohol, there may be a fee to cover the additional costs.

  • all bottles include a 10% service charge, we also suggest you tip your bartenders for making drinks from your bottle.

  • locker holders may keep 1 bottle per application at a time in the Queens locker, once consumed the bottle can then be replaced as long as the owner is in good standing.

  • lockers may only be owned by individuals, but bottles can be shared with anyone over the age of 21. it is the owners’ responsibility to monitor the division of the contents.

  • any bartender or manager on duty at the bar may, at any time, refuse to serve a locker owner or guest for any reason just as if the locker owner were to be consuming a non-locker product.

  • locker owners will not be exempt from being held at the door if the bar is at capacity.

  • in the case of a lost card, it is the owners responsibility to notify management immediately. We will serve any customer with a locker access card and a valid ID for proof of age only. new cards and bottle markers can be reissued for a $50 fee.

  • a locker is considered delinquent if a bottle remains in the locker for over 6 months. once a locker becomes delinquent the owner may be notified at management's discretion. if a locker remains delinquent  7 days after the owner has been notified all locker privileges and content become forfeit. 

get on the list

thanks! we'll reach out after we receive an automated email from our website on your behalf :)

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